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After countless hours of research and an enormous financial investment, Despair Inc. is proud to present the biggest revolution in Demotivation TM since our founding. Our amazing new foray into the print-on-demand universe allows you to control almost every aspect of your Demotivators® 2008 calendar. Not only can you choose which of our over 80 designs you wish to feature during a given month, you can also add your very own personal, historical or humorous calendar dates (up to 130 characters!), for as little as $0.20 per individual entry. And that's not all- because the Special-Edition also includes four premium-quality 8.5" x 11.5" Demotivator prints of your choosing. Amazing!


How about a calendar featuring designs like Worth, Demotivation, and Get To Work for your miserable sibling with the crummy job? Or perhaps one with Procrastination, Indifference, and Laziness for that once vibrant spouse who now is slowly becoming one with the couch? Now imagine that calendar filled with personal reminders- of the birthdays of extended family members, of anniversaries they always miss, of obscure holidays, or even dates that they would rather forget? Now stop imagining, get out your credit card, and start spending like crazy! We're trying to make money here!

It's as simple as it looks, but if you need help, click here.

$24.95 each ($.20 per custom calendar date) (Standard holidays already included.)

Step 1. Select Your Designs | click here to view all.

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Step 2. Personalize Your Dates

NOTE: If you have difficulty deleting a date once it is added, simply erase the text from the field and continue. To start over completely, refresh your browser.

Please review your order carefully before submission. We cannot make changes to these once they're submitted, and it's YOUR fault if you can't spell things correctly.

ALSO: When entering custom date text to your calendar, please don't copy and paste the text from a word-processing or spreadsheet document, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. This usually results in printing errors. Just type the text directly into the date fields. We're working on firing the IT guys responsible for this situation. Also, we can't print special characters, accented characters, or non-American English characters in the date cells, unfortunately.

You currently have no dates personalized. Click a date to the left to add a personalized date.

Step 3. Submit Your Order: